Anniversary Gifts

They have everything. They've been together forever. What could a couple possibly want for their anniversary or other special occasion?

Alone Time

Couples on the go can have difficulty finding time to be together. Give them the gift of time:

Get Romantic

Bring romance back into their lives with a basket of romantic goodies: CD of romantic music, candles, massage oil, bubble bath, chocolates, and more. Include a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Put together a scrapbook or photo album commemorating their time together. Be sure to include pictures from when they were dating, their wedding day, and all the time since.

Consider a personalized memento, especially if they're celebrating an anniversary of particular significance. Picture frames, throw blankets, trinket boxes, and more can be personalized to commemorate the special occasion.

Tickets and Events

Couples interested in sports may enjoy tickets to sporting events, for either a local or professional team. For a themed gift, include hates or t-shirts for the team, or even bleacher chairs for added comfort while they watch the game.

For fans of music, look into local events featuring an artist they would both enjoy. Purchase two tickets to the concert, and include a CD so they can get into the spirit before the show.

Tickets to a theater production are also a popular choice. Think outside Broadway and look for local productions as well. For a complete night out, include a gift card to a restaurant near the theater.

Don't forget the classic dinner and a movie. Include a restaurant gift card, movie passes, and a gift card for popcorn and drinks. Throw in a couple of boxes of candy for good measure.

Purchase passes or a membership to a local museum. Look outside the norm to find interesting destinations, such as butterfly museums.

Themed Gifts

For couples who prefer to stay in, put togetehr a warm and cozy gift, complete with fire logs, blanket, and candles.

Treat them to a wine tasting, with bottles of wine, wine glasses, wine stoppers, coasters, and more. Don't forget a book about different wines. Try a local vineyard or look for wines with unique, quirky names. For beer connoseiurs, try a beer-tasting theme instead.

For couples with a sweet tooth, try a chocolate tasting theme. Look for as many different kinds of chocolates as possible. Don't forget hot chocolate, chocolate sauce, and chocolate liqueur.

Look for a theme or idea reminiscent of the special couple. Focus on what they enjoy together and give them an opportunity to reconnect. Is there a particular activity they enjoy doing together? Did they meet somewhere special? Do they have a unique memory? If you're not sure, ask close friends and family for input.